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The Unauthorized Reseller Problem

If you are a brand selling on 3rd Party Marketplaces, you probably know how it feels to share the Buy Box and have all of your sales go to some mysterious seller.  There are thousands of scrupulous distributors and fake retailers who pretend to have a legitimate distribution channel. It's easy to fall prey to their scam and sell a few thousand units, only to find them marked at a cheaper price on your listing! This forces you into a pricing war to keep the Buy Box, damaging your reputation with legitimate retailers, and taking millions of dollars away from your bottom line.

They Undercut Your Prices

Retail is an extremely profitable channel, but it can only be successful with a consistent price structure across all channels. One rogue reseller who lists your product below MSRP can ruin a multi-million deal with a legitimate national retailer.

How Do I Find This Report?

They Are Virtually Anonymous

3rd Party Marketplaces make it impossible to find out who these resellers are. And until you know which of your wholesale accounts could be this mysterious reseller, your business is at risk.

The Solution

That’s where we come in.  Just enter some information about your Unauthorized Reseller below and we will use our proprietary processes to figure out real business information about the unauthorized seller so you can match the info to your retail database and close the loop.

We Search & Find Your Unauthorized Reseller

After entering information about your Unauthorized Reseller, we use our proprietary process to figure out who they are and give you real business information.

You Get Real Business Information To Close The Account

With the real business information we provide, you cross-reference your CRM database, find the bad account, and cut it loose.

You start making the money you deserve again

After entering information about your Unauthorized Reseller, we use our proprietary process to figure out who they are and give you real business information.

What Kind of Information Will You Get?

  • Registered Business Name
  • Business Address
    To match any shipments you have
    to the business address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Business Owner Name

How It Works

Send us the link to your Amazon product page and a link to the unauthorized sellers Amazon store front.
We run our proprietary process and try to find your seller.
We currently have a 73% success rate.
If we are successful, we send you a notice letting you know that we have figured out who your unauthorized seller is and send you a link to unlock the seller info. You pay $19.99 to unlock the seller info.
You use the information we provide to search through your database of accounts that you have sold to find the unauthorized seller.
Once you figure out which retailer or distributor that you sold to is the unauthorized reseller, you can close their account, preventing them from future purchases.  You contact the account to let them know they have violated your agreement and that you need them to return the units they have listed on Amazon.
Surprisingly, a lot of unauthorized resellers will take down the listing if you offer to pay Amazon’s stocking fee
You start making the money you deserve again.

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